Dermal Dynamics

Give us 6 months, and we'll give you 10 years back

Kathleen McGraw is the only License Permanent Make Up artist in the Santa Clarita Valley that belongs to the `SPCP`.  `Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals`

Price for Beauty

Eyebrows  ~      ~     ~     ~     $ 400

Eyeliners   ~      ~     ~     ~     $ 200

                         With lower     $ 300

Lips     ~    ~     ~     ~    ~       $ 400


Touch ups    ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   $150

Consultation appointment is mandatory.

Shape and Style can be decided on that date.

Brows: Please, come to  the consultation appointment with make-up on.  We can take a picture of how they look when `you` do them and go home with how I`ll do them.  Half of the payment is due at this appointment.

LIPS: Even if you have never had a cold sore, Herpes sores, or blisters inside the mouth or on the lips.  You must take Valtrex or Cyclovir three days before.  This kind of stress on the lips can give you a break out even if you have never had one.

Permanent Make Up done RIGHT !!!

`Permanent Make up` is a method of implanting hypo-allergenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin for a longer-lasting appearance. This medical procedure, similar to tattooing, is also known as `micropigmentation` or `Permanent Cosmetics`
Permanent makeup, is mostly done by someone with a `Permanent Make-up` license, NOT A TATTOO ARTIST.  A tattoo artist can have both, but the pigment (INK) is so different.  Body ink will spread when implanted into facial tissue .  We call that `WINE STAINS` on the lips, if you know what I mean. Doctors use to preform Permanent Mask Up.  That was until too many people complained.  You should really do your home work and investigate when choosing the person to do this service, Permanent or semi permanent is just that.  The SPCP, `Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals` is the most prestigious groups of men and women in the business.  One of the main reason for that, is CE units.  Continued Education is what we all want. ` The newest and best out there.` 

Some of the newest and best are now called  'MICRO STROKING', MICRO NEEDLING, `HAIR STROKE EYEBROWS`, `EYELASH ENHANCEMENT`, AND LIP  SPARKLING.  The procedure is commonly sought by patients who have oily skin, suffer from makeup allergies, wear contact lenses, possess thin eyebrows, have surgical scars or pigmentation disorders and those who simply want to change their look to the future. 

​Kathleen specializes is BROW LIFT Micro Stoking.  Better then surgery, this application gives you a lift on your brows that will give you years back on your face.