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Eye Lash Extensions


Please bring pictures on what it is you desire. 

We will do our best to make sure they are the lashes of your dreams.

Beautifully done.


Eye Lash Extensions

All of our Team is excellent at placing Eye Lash Extensions.  Extra training in Volume, Natural, Mink, Hybrid, Cat Eye, Open Eye, and now Ombre'.  Beautifully done.


How we do Eye Lashes

with Covid19.

Before and After

Everything is wiped down. 

Including our light, our chair, service try, anything we touch.


 With an Alcohol based sanitizer, your table is wiped down, arm rest, and sides too.  A disposable sheet of cloth is put down, over the sanitized table covering. As well as, a wonderful WARMER, for your mid to low back.  All for your comfort. 

Beautiful music, wonderful oil scented rooms.

Welcome to Dermal Dynamics

Eyelash extensions are cosmetic applications used to enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. These extensions can be made from several types of materials such as mink, silk, or synthetic. The main method of applying the extensions is by using a surgical super glue to apply the extension(s) to the natural lash 1-2 mm from the base of the natural eyelash, never making contact with the eyelid.

We are a group of licensed and certified beauty industry professionals who work out of Dermal Dynamics with one goal in mind: the well being of our clients. We believe that everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look.  Our variety of services is suitable for every need. We offer affordable, safe and painless treatments for people of all ages. Our team has been carefully selected and trained.  We only use industry-approved, state-of-the-art technologies. Thank you for checking us out, we'll see you soon.

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