Dermal Dynamics

Give us 6 months, and we'll give you 10 years back

Laws and agreementsThat everyone must read first.


Dermal Dynamics is owned by Kathleen McGraw.  Kathleen has been trained and licensed with Novalash for over 10 years. 

* There is no conclusive allergy test for Eyelash glue.   10% of people that try lashes are allergic.  If you have an allergic reaction, take an allergy pill.  Lordine, Claritn, etc....  what ever you take for allergies.

* DO NOT USE EYE DROPS OF ANY KIND.  Some liquids reactivate the glue..  Some people keep them and take allergy pills daily.  It's $50 to have them removed.  Even if not done by Kathleen.

* Brush your lashes every time you get out of the shower. When they dry they should stay better. 

* Try not to sleep on them.

Permanent Make Up

* There is no conclusive allergy test for pigment in PMU.  If your allergic to Epinephrine, Lidocaine or any other numbing agents.  Make sure you make mention of that during consultation. 

*If you want a Consultation its $50 for consultation for 1/2 hour appointment.  That charge does not go toward your treatment. 

* Your BROWS, you design them with Kathleen. come to your appointment with how you style your brows.  Then Kathleen will draw them.   You watch every step she does.  You chose your color.

* Your brows will lighten and shrink 30 to 40% by the 6th week after.

* You must make your 6 week after appointment. 

* Most Micro Stoking Brows need 2, sometimes 3 touch up appointments.

* Kathleen uses top of the line pigments.  She specializes in keeping the blue and pink out.

* YOU WILL BE NUMB> but some people don't.  I can't explain why.

* Check out for Dermal Deals on deals we have..

Hot Deals for January & February

  • $299 Microblading includes 6 week re-touch
  • Microderm Special $35

     Certificates Available

Lisa Mercier

Lisa Mercier is our Massage Therapist here at Dermal Dynamics.  She can be reached at.


Dermal Dynamics

"Dermal Dynamics", formally "A Body Concept", was founded in 1997, and is a business geared toward improving the well being and beauty of their customers. It is also a business where similar type businesses call home.


Kathleen McGraw

Kathleen is a member of the "SPCP", "Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals", and also a member of` "Perfectly Perfect Master Class". She has been making skin BEAUTIFUL since 1989. She is a licensed Massage Therapist, Eesthetician, Permanent Make~up, and Peri~Medical Tattoo Artist.  She is also Certified in Skin Needling, Microblading, Eyelash Extension, Chemical Peels and Micro-Needling.


Brittany Van Vliet
Brittany experienced Permanent Hair Removal, and decided she wanted to help others.  Brittany went to the American Institute of Education in Santa Ana to become an Electrolysis and received her license in May 2011.